söndag 26 maj 2013

Who am i ? And who are you ? Really ?

I used to think not knowing who you are was complete nonsense. How could you not ? You are yourself.
How does it manifest itself ? You don't know if you like apples all of a sudden ? That's just ridiculous. Or so i thought.

Turns out there's this thing called serotonin. It's a neurotransmitter that's thought to be responsible for feelings of happiness and well being. Great right ? Well if you have to little of it,you get depressed and life sucks and there's no point in doing anything. Yeah but that's a disease and there's pills for it. Yes there are, they're called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors,Jesus Christ that's a hard sentence,why don't we just call them "happy pills". Yeah people refer to them as that or Prozac which is a popular brand of SSRIs.

They're absolutely great,turns out though they can be a bit too good. You can become manic from them. That sounds a bit scary however i guarantee you it is not! It's the best thing in the world! You're smarter and more creative than you've ever been in your whole life and who wouldn't want that ? It's the best high in the world,you don't want to get high/drunk (choose your poison) you're perfect as you are,why change that ?
You are as happy as a pig in shit and brilliant ideas doesn't seem to stop, appearing to you seemingly out of thin air.

Ok so there are some downsides. You get so excited you become a bit reckless. And it's really hard to focus because you have so many great ideas at once. Just as you're on the verge on solving unified field theory,you suddenly got a craving for hot dogs and go check the refrigerator if you have any ketchup. By the time you get there you have thought up something else incredibly brilliant and slowly starts to wonder what you're doing in the kitchen. You go back to the living room again and see the ketchup bottle on the table and remember "Yeah hot dogs! Awesome" and have forgotten everything about the idea you came up with going into the kitchen. What was that again,i never wrote that down,now it's lost forever,what if it was the cure for cancer ?

So back on topic again,however pleasant,mania is real disease and isn't good for you. It's the result of to much serotonin (or at least i think so due to empirical studies). So we already know we can adjust the level of serotonin with drugs from being Eeyore (the depressed donkey in Winnie the Pooh) to Tigger, who are you really ? Who's the "real" you ? How would you know ? What is "normal" and do we want it ? If you could choose to be a better you,would you ?

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