lördag 25 maj 2013

Responsibility - Do you have it ?

So i thought about responsibility the other day from a philosophical perspective. There's a lot of talk about responsibility and how you must have it and i thought (as i mostly do): really ? Do you ?

I mostly think the other way from other people mostly out of spite and fun i guess but if we look at it seriously for a moment i do see both sides as opposed to most people which is good i guess.

So responsibility,do we have it ? I tried "tasting" it to see if i could find the answer.

We do have responsibility for our kids. Do we ? Really ? People do adopt them, we leave at school for several hours a day thereby leaving the responsibility to others,some people just don't give a damn about them while that is usually frowned upon clearly there's no absolute responsibility for your kids. Here you have it, here you don't.

"Ah but you have responsibility for yourself"!!!

Well do you ? Can you even say that ? What does it even mean ?
You are yourself, how can you separate the two ? Your life is yours only and what you do with it is your business and no one else's.

So you don't have responsibility for yourself in some absolute sense. That doesn't mean you can't take responsibility but you don't have one. Same with your kids, most would agree it's a "good thing" but it isn't absolutely necessary in a philosophical sense.

I then realized i'm a nihilist! Awesome,i always wanted to be one, even though i didn't really knew what one was. Turns out i was one all along or at least are now.

Now that does not mean i think people should start to be mean and start killing each other and stuff. That's not what i mean and even if that was a possibility almost all people wouldn't do it anyways.

Someone thought it was an incredibly bleak and pointless  outlook on life but i do not agree. You fill it with meaning,for you,not out of some universal rule what's right or wrong. To me that's more meaningful than "just because".

We had a discussion on morality and i thought pretty much "If it feels right, it is right" (now dammit i can't find who said it first, i thought it was Voltaire but apparently not. Aleister Crowely was on a similar trail in The book of the law. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law") and i was alone in that i tell's ya. People thought i was terrible basically but i think i saw the other side of the coin. You have your own responsibility to do the "right thing" not just sheepishly follow "just because". To me that's a much more moral moral than some absolute rule.

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