lördag 25 maj 2013


Bloody English speaking people,can't even decide on how to spell such a simple word.

Either way,i'm not a particularly aesthetic person (not saying i'm ugly,nor the opposite either for that matter) but it interests me deeply. I just can't do it myself,that's all. I do recognize beauty in objects when i see them and i know the techniques behind it,i just seem to lack the taste gene. My main interest is music and i have no problem knowing what i want and how to get there but vision is a completely different matter.

So what's the point in all this rambling ? Well i had an idea that brown and purple would make an excellent color combo and as you can see,it clearly isn't. It's fugly to be precise.

Now i imagine dark brown leather couch against a dark purple wall,that should look really good,yet when i choose those colors for thishere blog it looks horrible. Ah well,i tried,that's always something.

Or maybe it's because it's like... duh maybe you should try more than like 10 seconds. It isn't like the things you want becomes available to you you in an instant even though that is clearly how it should be (the theme for this here blog i might add,how things should be).

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