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Acid cures suicide headaches.

Ok this is not going to be pleasant.

There's this affliction called Cluster Headaches. Some doctors and scientists have described the pain resulting from cluster headaches as the most intense pain a human can endure. The pain is so intense it has been given the fairly unflattering nickname "Suicide Headaches". Doesn't take a genius to figure out why.
It's so debilitating some sufferers actually tear their own hair own to get some sort of relief. I could go on but let's just agree it's pretty bad,okay ? This stuff is hard enough to stomach as it is.

Now here's the good news ! There's help ! It turns out a small dose of the good ole' LSD actually helps a lot of people. Yes LSD the hallucinogenic drug known as Acid (due to it being....well... an acid). Well is that great or what ? Well there's the small problem LSD is,believe it or not, illegal,yeah there's that of course.
So we aren't 100% sure if it helps.if it helps some or none because doing research is really hard and pretty much banned.

Well some argue,drugs aren't exactly helpful for your health either and they do have a point. Kind of. Well not really. LSD is actually surprisingly benign to the human body. The mind is another matter,the jury is still out on that one,let's just say that. LSD isn't poisonous. You can't really OD on LSD,at least there's not one case of LSD overdose that led to death from biological reasons. Compare that to common pain relievers sold over the counter. And surprisingly enough it isn't addictive either. Apparently there's some sort of mechanism where you need to get off it for a while for it to have any effect. If you keep on using it won't work. That's pretty neat.

It seems as though LSD shortens the attacks,they get less painful and further time passes between them. However we're not completely sure if that's the case or not and we can't study it because it's illegal. Imagine having the worst pain in the world,knowing there's a cure for it and you can't have it. Wow i didn't think i would want Cluster Headaches any less but it turns out it was possible. That must be the height of irony ? Well you would think so, wouldn't you ? But wait,there's more.

What i've been talking about is known to chemists as LSD-25. There's a similar molecule called 2-bromo-LSD. Pretty much the same thing except it isn't hallucinogenic.
"Well where's the point in that ? If i don't get goofy,why take it?".
 Well it turns out, some research suggest it has the same effect on Cluster Headaches as it's wacky cousin!
Now that's just swell,isn't it ? Yeah absolutely if it wasn't for the fact that,as i understand it,it's illegal too!
"But didn't you just say LSD is harmless to the body and if this stuff doesn't get you all aligned with universe and stuff,what's the problem?".

Well i don't know. From the looks of i'd say they're deliberately letting people suffer from the worst pain known to man simply not to be associated with "drug liberals". If that's not the most cowardly thing i've heard in like forever i don't know what is.

"That's a pesky situation" says Bill.
"The situation is pesky" says Bull.

And i almost forgot,apparently it can be really helpful against alcoholism too. This horrible disease or whatever you choose to call it that affects so many life's everyday,yeah that alcoholism. Maybe would could save an almost unprecedented amount of suffering in the world but choose not to. That's sweet, ain't it ?

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