söndag 26 maj 2013

And finally, monsieur, a wafer-thin mint.

Ok now for something lighter. The last ones got pretty heavy.


That means riddle for those of you not familiar with Norwegian (which i am btw).

They're like the greatest band ever. Heavy influence from Norvegian folkmusic obviously but plenty of modern stuff as well. Some remind me of Depeche Mode (another favourite) and others of Massive Attack.
In fact there's a bit of everything in the mix there. They made 2 albums and there isn't a single weak track on them but now they're split up unfortunately.

And then of course there's Gunnhild. Wow. Just wow.

She's like a force of nature or something from Norse mythology. I imagine her being a mythical creature in a time where Norway was completely flat,breaking the shoreline with her extremely powerful voice,thus creating the mountains and fjords and being locked away forever due to her destructive powers.

Or luring,seducing sailors onto reefs in the mists so prevalent on the Norwegian costs. Or something.

Now she's all grown up and perfect and stuff but funnily enough she was a real outsider as a youngster. The weird little sister to the drummer in Gåte, Martin. She was the geeky girl who practiced kulning or herding calls. Cow yelling basically. If you've never heard of it,it is extremely loud. It's absolutely piercing, necessary for the cows to hear you over great distances. And once you overcome the sheer volume of it, strangely alluring. That's where that amazing voice comes from.

It is also a lesson to not overlook the weird chick in the corner. She might turn out to grow up to the closes thing to goddess you'll ever meet. And you didn't talk to her while you had the chance. Boy,do you feel stupid now ? Don't we all ?

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