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I am Jesus!

tl;dr I'm Jesus! And God! Promise. Read the whole thing if you don't believe. It's really long.

Not only that i'm God too! Now that might strike as slightly pompous if not preposterous even but bear with me. If you knew me you would know i've been an atheist all my life and an outspoken one since age 10.
I always been suspicious of the stories in the bible. A burning bush c'mon, bushes doesn't just spontaneously burst into fire and even if they did surely there's a more plausible explanation than divine intervention no ?

So at age 10 (my mother loves to tell this story) i read a copy of the Children's Bible from cover to cover and when i was done i put it down and loudly declared: "Nah i don't buy it". And that's been my position ever since. "Because it says so" doesn't cut it. Not by a longshot.  Now, i don't think Jesus ever existed even as a historical person. Google "The Jesus Myth" for more info on that.

So still i persist that i'm not only Jesus but God too (apparently they're they same see The Holy Trinity and come back to me explain the logical holes in that one, but that is besides the point) , have i completely lost my marbles ? Well that's real possibility, mind you, but i have a rational explanation for all of it (as always i might humbly add).

It started with a discussion about cyber-bullying or net-hate as we like to call it here in Sweden. It wasn't much of a discussion to begin with as it was pretty much one-sided to begin with. Everyone told with varying amounts of affect how much they disliked it and how horrible they were and how unpleasant the whole deal was. Well me always in the mood for a good discussion and not one to shy away from a bit of the good ole' controversy obviously took the side of the cyber-bullies much to everyone's distaste.

"Who's he ? How dare he take the side of those despicable people ? How can he agree with something as unpleasant as that" and so on. I'm sure you can imagine. Well for one i don't avoid unpleasant topics. I try to understand. I understand the views of the pot-smokers,the net-haters,the satanists, the racists,nazis even, sex buyers and sellers even some child pornographers! Now wait a bloody minute,you're not saying you're defending child-pornography ? Well some of them. There's a well known case here in Sweden where someone got sentenced (i don't know to what actually,could have been prison, i don't know) for distributing Japanese Manga cartoons! Now unpleasant as the whole topic might be and Manga too for that matter they're cartoons for f**k's sake! We can't draw pictures anymore ? Who's the victim ? I don't like censorship. No strike that,i really really really don't like censorship in any way or form. As unpleasant as the consequences of that might be (and i don't think they will be,really) it's the choice between unpleasant and freedom and i sure know what i value higher.

Another thing that really scared me in the net hate debate was the top-down perspective. It was people in power who accused the voice-less and power-less in the name of democracy. Now i don't know about you but i find really scary. Is it just trying to regain a power that they ultimately is going to loose,as long as possible ? I don't know but the "has" trying to silence the "has-nots" really rubs me the wrong way. Maybe some of the more nasty ones are even caused by them not having a voice for so long. Am i blaming the victim here ? Or is it simply cause and effect ?

Now back to the potsmokers etc. I don't necessarily agree with them i but i make an effort to understand their point instead of just label them "unwanted elements" or unerwunschte as they're called in German.
Does their points of views go away just by banning them ? Or is it better to understand the root of the problem and attacking it that way ? If it needs attacking,that is ? Maybe as long as they don't bother anyone just accept them for what they are ? Or maybe try and reason with ? And if you do,don't you think it's good to know what they're coming from ? The level of success is ultimately decided on how well you know and understand them ?

Doesn't that make me a better man than others (if such a term even exists) ? "What you do unto the least of my children, you also do unto me? or something ? Doesn't that make me like.......errr......Jesus ? Or at least Jesus-like ? I kind of look like him too, with me rarely shaving and my long hair. I'll go with that.
"Yeah totally dude,you're like Jesus man"
Well thanks i try too.

So me being Jesus kinda makes sense but me being God is a "too tough pill to swallow", huh ?
Well not only me, everyone!
It started with the prayer:

"God grant me the serenity 
to accept the things I cannot change; 
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference."

which is so full of wisdom it almost hurts. It's like that Brad Pitt movie where Buddha or the Dalai Lama (who's real prick, by the way, contrary to popular belief) or whoever it was, said "If you have a problem and you can change it, it's not a problem. If you have a problem and you cannot change it,it's not a problem" 
"Wow that's like awesome dude;thanks".

However that whole God bit rubbed all the wrong ways as you can imagine. Then i started thinking the whole world doesn't really exist anyways (that's me being a nihilist again.I rule, end of story) we make it up in our own minds. I really want to go to New York,never been there. For all i know it might as well be made up like Atlantis or something. However it exists in my mind but if were to go there, it wouldn't really be like i imagine it. It would smell and there's stuff i haven't thought of and the temperature and the people and the garbage,the dirt, well pretty much everything. And there are no absolute truths. Everything is an interpretation of our minds filtered thru our experiences.
Now the Wicca's or modern witches or whatever they call themselves are on to the same theme. We are all our own God. Some Satanists believe the same. The aforementioned Aleister Crowley made some nods in that direction too i believe.

Now what's with the constant referencing of Satanists ? Well i try and understand the un-understandable (or is that standable ? idk), defend the undefendable (remember i'm Jesus) and it's interesting to take the opposite view,in fact it's one of my favourite pasttimes. And looking at pictures of them is a constant source of amusement) and fun is the ultimate law. There's always some common grounds with Libertarianism, believe it or not and some claim to be the real Christians which in it self is hilarious but the explanation makes some sense and is related to Libertarianism. More on that later. Or not. It depends.

Ok this is getting really long, i'll try and wrap it up now.
Well back to the prayer,who is it you're really praying to ? Who can do that for you ? Well the only being that really can is yourself. You and only you. Well that kinda makes you God,doesn't it ? And me for that matter? And it solves my issue with praying to God. Well if that's not WINNIG!! i don't know what is.

Phew that was almost a novel. I try and explain myself in a few words,guess i failed that miserably,huh ?

Well hope it was a good read.

I'll shut up now.


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