lördag 1 juni 2013

Happy Funny

So it's just an ordinary Friday evening like any other. Sitting in front of the computer listening to some old German 80ies pop, like you do, crying, like you do, to the realization that the simply marvelous woman from that video does no longer exist. Claudia Brücken is still alive however she isn't the same person she was then.
She doesn't look like that anymore, she's had her heart broken a few times, been let down,lied to, been thru some ups and downs, realized she's mortal, i could go on.

This was quite a rude awakening. I didn't really want to live in a world where she didn't exist anymore,way to dull. So i figured i must find her. But where ? Berlin seems like a good start. Maybe she has a niece or something. But that felt a bit overwhelming. Berlin is quite big,i could go forever without finding her. Maybe she's not even in Berlin,then what ? I kind of accepted my fate and convinced myself she is out there and one day i'll run into her.

The one day a few weeks later it struck me like a ton of bricks. She IS out there and not only that,she works in my grocery store! The alabaster skinned, white haired young woman who works there,one day turned her head to something and i observed her in profile. It was then it dawned on me, she looks exactly like Claudia did in her early 20ies. She looks so amazingly clean all the time i bet she don't even shower,she simply doesn't get dirty. That's how i imagine it anyway.

Now you might think this is the, same old same old, dirty midlife crisis pigs preferring young women because of their looks and their youth. I'd say you're half-right. Looks doesn't enter in to it besides many woman nowadays looks way better at 40 than they do at 20. For example Heidi Klum, Gwyneth Paltrow and Anne Heche, there's no comparison.

To paraphrase Usher: she reminds me of a man that i once knew.

I once saw here briefly outside a bar, she didn't notice me. She was running to the next place with a bunch of friends and just then it struck me what a wonderful age 20 something is. She looked so happy. At that time you haven't settled, anything is possible, you're going to move soon anyways so why not move to New York or Tibet ? You haven't been deceived yet so you trust people. You haven't had your heart broken so you're going to love him like you've never been hurt before,love him like you're indestructible. Death seems like an impossibility,you're immortal and everything you do,you do for the first time. Things are still fresh and really exciting.

Now i'm not thinking she wants anything to do with an old farting, hairy, broke-ass bum like me,that's not the point. The point is,she IS out there,there's still hope. The world is a slightly better place now that 'ive discovered her. Slightly more fun.

Her name is even Funny. I call her Happy Funny.

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